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Mountain Sunshine Leather, Crested Butte, Colorado USA



How it all started...

The trade attracted me long ago during scout time in grade school. Information about Native American leatherwork was quite valued. Their approach to making whatever they needed from hides made a fine bit of sense to me. It is an adventure to make something useful, whether it be a 'medicine' shield, moccasins, bags, belts, or containers.

My first shop, Mountain Sunshine Leather, was in the Company Store in Crested Butte, Colorado. I enjoyed meeting all of my customers. Most were locals, so there was direct feedback, and that helped improve my craft. I saw the importance of appropriate maintenance of my leatherwork, so I was able to share that with my customers/friends. I still believe that, and these days it is even easier.

Custom leather designs can be ordered upon request. All items shipped by mail. PayPal preferred.

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Robert W. H. Wolf